Kong Strikes Back!

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Kong Strikes Back!
Output - SID.svg
Kong Strikes Back! - C64 - Title.png
Composer Martin Galway
Arranger Martin Galway
Programmer Martin Galway
Released 1985-??-??
Length 0:41
Format SID.png
Game Kong Strikes Back! (C64)
Title Origin Game Title
Loops Yes

Kong Strikes Back! is the title music for the game of the same name. It is the first song composed by Martin Galway for the SID chip.

While Galway was selling one of his friend's computer games to Ocean Software, he also tried to sell some of his music. However, Galway was still composing for the BBC Micro at the time, and Ocean didn't see much future for that platform. They lent Galway a Commodore 64 and the source code of their sound engine. From this, Galway was able figure out how to make music for the SID chip, and his first finished song was this track.