Kōichi Yamanishi

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Kōichi Yamanishi
Local 山西 浩一 (やまにし こういち)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Ukkari Yamanishi

Kōichi Yamanishi is a Japanese composer who worked for Natsume. He was only credited in a handful of games, primarily for the NES, and was credited alongside the company's main sound designer Iku Mizutani.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-08-08 Amazing Penguin (GB) (おさわがせ!ペンギンBOY) With Iku Mizutani.
1990-08-10 Shadow of the Ninja (NES) (闇の仕事人 KAGE) With Iku Mizutani.
1990-09-08 World Boxing (FC) (ワールドボクシング) With Iku Mizutani.
1992-01-?? Dragon Fighter (NES) (ドラゴンファイター)