Kōichi Namiki

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Kōichi Namiki
Koichi Namiki - 1.jpg
Local 並木 晃一 (なみき こういち)
Born April 15, 1965
Birth Place Sanmu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Pretty K.N.

Kōichi Namiki is a Japanese composer and sound designer, known for his several contributions for Sega.


Released Title Platform Notes
1990-??-?? Bonanza Bros. (ARC) (ボナンザブラザーズ) Sound Effects, Voices
1991-09-?? Rail Chase (ARC)
1993-01-?? Dark Edge (ARC) Sound Adviser
1995-10-27 Virtual Open Tennis (SAT) (バーチャルオープンテニス)
1997-12-25 Prisoner of Ice (PS1) (プリズナー オブ アイス 〜邪神降臨〜)
1999-07-29 Guitar Freaks (PS1) (ギターフリークス)
2000-02-24 Guitar Freaks Append 2nd Mix (PS1) (ギターフリークス APPEND 2nd Mix) Guitarist & Bassist
2001-??-?? Chain: Ushinawareta Ashiato (W32) (チェーン 失われた足跡) Guitar
2002-07-04 Magi Death Fight: Mahou Gakuen (XBOX) (マジデスファイト 魔法学園)
2007-07-26 Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 30: Galaxy Force II - Special Extended Edition (PS2) (セガ エイジス2500シリーズVol.30 ギャラクシーフォースⅡ)

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