Kimio Nomura

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Kimio Nomura
Local 埜邑 紀見男 (のむら きみお)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Border Line (?)

Kimio Nomura is a Japanese composer who composed music for video games and other forms of media under contract from Toei Animation. We know very little about this composer.

Audio Development

It is most likely Kimio sent either sheet music or some tangible media to Shouei System and Micronics whose programmers then implemented it into the game.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-09-11 SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics (FC)
1988-01-22 Sukeban Deka III (FC) (スケバン刑事Ⅲ) Composer? (Game credits Border Line)
1990-02-06 Mottomo Abunai Deka (FC) (もっともあぶない刑事)
Unknown arranger, possibly Kazuo Yagi.