KiKi KaiKai: Dotou Hen (FDS)

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KiKi KaiKai: Dotou Hen
KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS.jpg
Platform: FDS
Year: 1987
Developer: WORKSS

KiKi KaiKai: Dotou Hen (奇々怪界 怒涛編) is an action game developed by Bits Laboratory and released by Taito Corporation in 1987. It is based on the arcade game KiKi KaiKai, in which the series would later continue as Pocky & Rocky.

In the game, you play as Sayo, who must rescue the Seven Gods of Luck. As you travel the demon world, you must defeat demons and monsters with your Ofuda cards and your Gohei wand. Your Gohei wand has infinite shots, but is melee. The Ofuda cards are projectile weapons, but are in limited quantity, so you must use them sparingly, as you'll want them for the boss battles. You must also enter shops to buy items. One of the items you have to buy is saving the game.

The game features subpar graphics, sound, and gameplay. This may come of no surprise, as this game was developed by the same development team as Ghostbusters (NES). Even some of the graphics look similar.

The game was heavily marketed, featuring packaging the size of a vinyl LP, as well as featuring actress and singer Miki Ito as Sayo in the game's documentation. In fact, Miki makes an appearance in the game as the second player. There were also a line of toys that could be bought separately, as well as a 7" vinyl LP featuring one of the songs from the game.


KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS - Gameplay 1.png

The intro prologue.

KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS - Gameplay 2.png

Dispatching ghosts in the main overworld.

KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS - Gameplay 3.png

Fighting one of the bosses.

KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS - Gameplay 4.png

Rescuing one of the Gods.

KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS - Gameplay 5.png

The bonus stage.


The game's music is mostly ported from the arcade version, but also has several original songs of its own. The game even features Sayo Carnival, which was the B-side of Miki Ito's Aishuu Pyuseru single, as the song was written for this game. All of the songs were written by Taito's lead composer Hisayoshi Ogura. However, when contacted about this particular game, he said he had no involvement with it.

There are also a few unused songs like the Extend tune, as well as a couple variants of the Title Screen music. These are named after their arcade VGM rip counterparts.

The game's staff roll fails to credit any arrangers. However, one of the programmers, Tadashi Sou was credited in Ghostbusters (NES) for audio with Yoshiaki Tsuruoka. Yoshiaki is credited in Magma Project Hacker (FDS) as the music programmer, so it is believed he programmed the game's sound driver, as both games share the same sound engine.


# Title ComposerArrangerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Prologue Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:27
02 Title Screen Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:04
03 Sayo Carnival Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 2:37
04 Main Theme Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 1:33
05 Main Theme (No Intro) Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 1:27
06 Pause Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:01
07 Boss Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:40
08 Victory Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:04
09 Bonus Stage Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 1:14
10 Ending Outro Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:04
11 Staff Roll Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:47
12 Extend Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:02
13 Miss (Noise) Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:04
13 Miss (Noise) Hisayoshi OguraTadashi SouYoshiaki Tsuruoka 0:04


  • Ripper:
  • Recorder: Doommaster1994
  • Game Credits:
    • おんがくをつくったひと (The person who created the music): Hisayoshi Ogura credited as ZUNTATAの おぐらさん (Ogura-san of Zuntata
    • ぷろぐらむしたひとたち (The people who did the programming): Tadashi Sou credited as WORKSS の やくざみたいなそうさん (Wannabe Gangster Sou-san of WORKSS
    • Uncredited Programmer: Yoshiaki Tsuruoka


Audio Devices

The game uses the 2A03 for music. It also uses the Famicom Disk System's RP2C33 for the title music. The game uses Yoshiaki Tsuruoka's sound driver.


  Japan.svg   Japan
KiKi KaiKai Dotou Hen - FDS.jpg
Title: 奇々怪界 怒涛編 (The Mysterious Demon World: Rage Version)
Platform: Famicom Disk System
Released: 1987-08-28
Publisher: Taito Corporation