Kei Maruyama (NES Driver)

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Kei Maruyama
Released 1989-01-06
Programmers Kei Maruyama
Language 6502 Assembly

Kei Maruyama (NES Driver) is an unofficial name of the driver programmed and used by Kei Maruyama.

According to the programmer of Space Harrier, Sotaro Suzuki, Kei would create MIDI files in a sequencer which was converted to his driver.

Release History

Because, Whiteboard, the game developer Kei was working for at the time made only one NES game, the only game to use the driver was Space Harrier, which was released exclusively in Japan.


The driver outputs to the RP2A03. The DPCM is not used.


Released Title Sample
1989-01-06 Space Harrier (FC) (スペース ハリアー)


Frequency Registers

The driver's frequencies are so low that it can't actually played by the NES. However, the driver uses an algorithm to divide each value by 2 to attain higher frequencies.

B-0 = 70C
A#0 = 789
A-0 = 7F2
G#0 = 86C
G-0 = 8EA
F#0 = 972
F-0 = A02
E-0 = A9C
D#0 = B3C
D-0 = BE8
C#0 = C9C
C-0 = D5C