Jun Yamaguchi

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Jun Yamaguchi
Local やまぐち じゅん
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases J. Yamaguchi

Jun Yamaguchi is a Japanese sound programmer who worked at Konami Computer Entertainment Nagoya. He did sound programming for some of their Game Boy Color titles.


Released Title Sample Notes
1999-04-28 Pocket G1 Stable (GBC) (ポケットGIステイブル) With Rie Tanaka and Masanori Akita.
1999-05-13 International Rally (GBC) (It's a ワールドラリー) Sound Programmer
1999-05-15 International Superstar Soccer 99 (GBC) (ワールドサッカーGB2) Sound Program
1999-07-01 International Track & Field (GBC) (ハイパーオリンピックシリーズ トラック&フィールドGB) Music Program
1999-09-15 Spawn (GBC) Sound Driver? (Credited under Special Thanks.)
2000-03-30 Battle Fishers (GBC) (バトルフィッシャーズ) Sound Driver?
2000-11-22 The Grinch (GBC) (グリンチ) Sound Program