Jun Chūma

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Jun Chūma
Local 中馬 淳 (ちゅうま じゅん)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Chuma, J. Chuuma

Jun Chūma is a Japanese composer and sound designer. He joined Konami around 1991 when they were shutting down their NES development. It appears he left around 1993. Around 1999, he returned to the game industry for a few years, working for Desert Productions. It seems he retired from the industry around 2005.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-08-27 Crisis Force (FC) (クライシスフォース) With Kenichi Matsubara and Yasuhiko Manno.
1992-09-?? Contra Force (NES) SD Assist with Jun Funahashi.
1993-01-29 F-1 Sensation (FC) (F1センセーション) With Tomoya Tomita.
1999-01-14 Circadia (PS1) (サーカディア) Soundtrack with Mayuko Kageshita, Yuji Takenouchi, and Hideyuki Eto.
Sound Effects with Hideyuki Eto, Junichi Suehiro, and Yuji Takenouchi.
1999-07-22 Gekisou TomaRunner (PS1) (激走トマランナー) Sound Effects with Hideyuki Eto and Yuji Takenouchi.
Sound Programmer with Junichi Suehiro.
2001-09-27 SkyGunner (PS2) (スカイガンナー) Desert Productions: Sound Support
2001-10-11 Mad Maestro! (PS2) (ブラボーミュージック) Music Production with Yuji Takenouchi and Mayuko Kageshita.
2003-10-16 ChainDive (PS2) (チェインダイブ) Sound Technical Support & Special Thanks with Kakushi Ohara, Junichi Suehiro, and Yoshinori Akashi.
2005-02-24 10,000 Bullets (PS2) (ツキヨニサラバ)