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John Brooks
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John Brooks is an American programmer and game developer.

He joined Datasoft in July 1987, programming a few titles for the company. A couple years after, he joined the successor to Datasoft, NovaLogic, where he was a manager and programmer for their titles. In early 1993, he joined Electronic Arts as a Technical Director, where he worked on many sports titles for the company. In 1995, he founded Blue Shift, where he would serve as the President and CTO. In mid-June 2019, he joined Visual Concepts where he still works to this day, serving as the company's Director of Engineering.

John only received credit in one known game for sound. It is thought with his programming experience, he programmed the sound driver as well.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-12-31 The Rocketeer (SNES) (ロケッティア) Sound
Sound Driver?

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