Jim Bagley

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James Bagley
Jim Bagley - 1.jpg
Born January 31
Birth Place Moreton, Wirral, United Kingdom
Nationality English   England.svg
Not to be confused with Jim Baguley.

Jim Bagley is an English video game programmer. He has worked in several aspects of video game development including production, programming, graphics, and audio.

Jim started computer programming in 1986. In 1988 he started working for Rage Software as a programmer. While Jim mostly worked on game programming at Rage, he would also sometimes program sound drivers for their consoles. In 1997, Jim worked at Software Creations and left a year later. In August 2010, Jim started his own gaming business Pixel Pyro, in which he develops games, mostly for iOS and other mobile devices.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-??-?? Midnight Resistance (ZXS) Sound Driver
1993-07-16 World Soccer '94: Road to Glory (SNES) (ワールドサッカー) Sound Driver
1994-??-?? Power Drive (SMD) Music Driver
1994-??-?? Striker (GEN) Sound Driver
1995-04-27 Power Drive (SNES) Sound Driver
1995-12-?? Revolution X (SNES) Sound Driver
1995-??-?? Revolution X (GEN) (レボリューションX) Sound Driver
1995-??-?? Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender / Joust (GB) Defender