Jill of the Jungle (DOS)

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Jill of the Jungle
Jill of the Jungle - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1992
Developer: Epic MegaGames, Inc.
Online: Download

Jill of the Jungle is a platform adventure game where you play Jill, queen of the jungle. This game is the first of a trilogy. Like other game developed by Tim Sweeney, there isn't much of a story, but the game remains interesting due to the mechanics and puzzles. Jill has the ability to run, jump, climb, and throw weapons, as well as the ability to transform into animals by touching magical statues. Each animal has its own special abilities.

Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy (DOS) redirects here. It comes bundled with Jill of the Jungle (DOS), Jill Goes Underground (DOS) and Jill Saves The Prince (DOS).


Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Main Menu.png

The game's main menu.

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Map.png

The game's map hub.

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Level 1.png

Level 1 is essentially a training ground.

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Level 2.png

Things start to get tougher in level 2.

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Level 3.png

Preparing to use the elevator of level 3.

Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Level 6.png

One of the more interesting puzzles are in level 6.


Dan Froelich composed the music of Jill of the Jungle in AdLib Visual Composer and then used a ROL to CMF converter to change the music into the format used by the game engine. The music quality is high for an early 1990s DOS game.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Funky Dan Froelich 3:41
02 Zeppelin Dan Froelich 4:10
03 Spiders Dan Froelich 2:50
04 Ominous Dan Froelich 2:54
05 Dan Dan Froelich 3:34
06 Stealth Dan Froelich 3:10
07 It Dan Froelich 3:56
08 Jupiter Dan Froelich 2:51
09 Seven Dan Froelich 4:36



Game Rip



CMF.png VCL.png



The CMF files have a *.ddt extension. They were renamed to *.cmf and tracks 1-9 were recorded with MuchMusic v1.11, while tracks 10-22 were recorded with Camoto. The sound effects are packaged in the jill*.vcl files. They are 8-bit PCM unsigned data with a 6000Hz playback rate.

Dan Froelich still has the original ROL files, but has refused to release them.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png


The game only lists Sound Blaster as a possible device, but it works with any OPL2 compatible device for music.


  USA.svg   USA
Jill of the Jungle - DOS - USA.jpg
Title: Jill of the Jungle
Platform: DOS
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Epic MegaGames, Inc.
  Australia.svg   Australia
Jill of the Jungle - DOS - Australia.jpg
Title: Jill of the Jungle
Platform: DOS
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Monkey Business, Inc.


Jill of the Jungle
Jill of the Jungle Platform - DOS.png
Jill Goes Underground Platform - DOS.png
Jill Saves The Prince Platform - DOS.png
Onesimus: A Quest For Freedom Platform - DOS.png
Notable Songs Dan • Funky
Notable Personnel Dan Froelich
Notable Companies Epic Games • Ark Multimedia Publishing