Jeroen Kimmel

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Jeroen W. P. Kimmel
Jeroen Kimmel - 04.jpg
Gender Male
Born 1968-02-06
Birth Place Netherlands
Nationality Dutch   Netherlands.svg
Aliases J.Kimmel
The Judges
Jerome Kimmel

Jeroen Kimmel is a Dutch programmer and former computer composer.

When both were 13, a schoolmate of Kimmel got a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. Kimmel regularly visited and later bought one himself. In 1985 or 1986, they befriended two members of a local computer club and founded the Commodore 64 demo group The Judges. They all programmed just for fun, but when they first attended the annual PCW show in London, England, they surprisedly learned they had fans.

How Kimmel moved from demos to games is unknown. He mostly composed for Cees Kramer of Radarsoft and for Cascade Games. His career ended in dispute with The Edge, who tried to avoid pay for Alien Syndrome (C64).

Since finishing his engineering studies, Kimmel works in telecommunication. He lived in Johannesburg, South Africa from 1996 to 2010 and got kids. He told in December 2011 that until circa 2001, he made music for "some 'commercials' or video productions", played in a band, and occasionally buys new synthesizers. He kept everything, though he is unsure if his disks survived the African climate. He credits the ongoing C64 "hype" to the timelessness of melodies. His favorite game as of 1996 is Pac-Man.

Audio Development

Amiga CD32

Kimmel bought synthesizers.

Commodore 64

On games, Kimmel always used his own driver and arranged in hex. The driver was programmed in assembly and tuned at 424 Hz.

Michael Hendriks, Kim T. Christensen and Markus Müller also arranged in Kimmel's driver before scoring games, Helge Kozielek learned one optimization from it, and there are signs that Müller and his groupmate Andras Molnar might have based Advanced Music Programmer on it. Kimmel wonders why anyone would rip his driver instead of Rob Hubbard's.

His all-time favorites are Martin Galway and Crazy Comets (C64).


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-0?-?? The Big Deal (C64)
1987-??-?? All Risks (C64)
1988-01-?? TRAZ (C64)
1988-02-?? Frightmare (C64)
1988-0?-?? Alien Syndrome (C64) Partially arranged Alien Syndrome (ARC).
1990-06-?? Radax (C64)
1994-0?-?? Disposable Hero (CD32)
2014-06-26 Aurum (C64)

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