Jens-Christian Huus

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Jens-Christian Huus
Jens-Christian Huus - 1.jpg
Gender Male
Born 1966-02-26
Birth Place Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality Danish   Denmark.svg
Aliases JCH

Jens-Christian Huus is a Danish music programmer, known as simply as JCH in the C64 demoscene. He is founding member of Vibrants. He is also famous in the PC scene for his AdLib routines.

Audio Development

Commodore 64

Jens wrote JCH's Music-Editor in Z80 assembly.


He wrote EdLib.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-??-?? Krypton (C64)
1989-??-?? First Past the Post (C64)
1989-??-?? Soccer 7 (C64)
1989-??-?? Super OsWALD (C64)
1991-??-?? Guldkorn Expressen (AMI)
1991-??-?? Guldkorn Expressen (C64)
1991-??-?? Pit-Fighter (C64)
1991-??-?? Plural (C64) With Karl Sommer.
1991-??-?? Skærmtrolden Hugo (C64) Arranged Hugo Rap.
1991-??-?? Stack Up (C64)
1991-??-?? Su Sweet (C64)
1991-??-?? Winzer (C64) Music Player.
1991-??-?? Hugo: På Nye Eventyr (DOS)
1992-0?-?? Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de rene tænder (C64) Music Player and Sound Effects.
1992-0?-?? Harald Hårdtand: Kampen om de rene tænder (DOS)
1992-??-?? Cool World (C64) Music Player.
1992-??-?? Subsonic (C64)
1992-??-?? The Underground (C64)
1992-??-?? Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (DOS) AdLib Conversion.
1993-10-22 Hermetic (C64) With Thomas Mogensen.
1993-??-?? Mühle (C64)
1994-??-?? Bouncing Cars (C64)
1994-??-?? Hugo: På Nye Eventyr II (DOS)
1994-??-?? Lollypop (DOS) AdLib Sound Driver and Sound Effects.

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