Jennifer Capriati Tennis (GEN)

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Jennifer Capriati Tennis
Jennifer Capriati Tennis - GEN.jpg
Platform: Genesis
Year: 1992
Developer: System Sacom

Jennifer Capriati Tennis is a tennis game by System Sacom released for the Sega Genesis in 1992. The game is your standard tennis simulator.


Jennifer Capriati Tennis - GEN - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Grand Slam The Tennis Tournament '92 - SMD - Title Screen.png

The Japanese version's title screen.

Jennifer Capriati Tennis - GEN - Gameplay 1.png

The main menu.

Jennifer Capriati Tennis - GEN - Gameplay 2.png

Playing a game of Tennis.


For a 1992 game on the Sega Genesis, this game has a very short soundtrack, but what's there is good. This is one of the few credited works of Hiroki Kamata. As per usual with his games at the time, the music is tuned a 1/4 step sharp for some reason.

Hiroki probably wrote MIDI files that were converted to System Sacom's custom sound driver. It's also possible the music was entered in assembly or Music Macro Language, probably on a PC-98 computer.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Hiroki Kamata 1:16
02 Menu Hiroki Kamata 1:01
03 Match End Hiroki Kamata 0:05
04 Ending 1 Hiroki Kamata 1:44
05 Ending 2 Hiroki Kamata 3:18



The credits can be viewed after you beat the game. Alternatively, they can be shown by entering END ING .CH ECK as a password, filling in the rest of the characters on the password screen with periods.

It is unknown if Hiroki programmed his own sound driver, or if it was one of the other game developers. They should be contacted for verification.

Game Rip




Audio Devices

The game uses the console's YM2612. It uses a custom sound driver not used in any other game.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Grand Slam The Tennis Tournament '92 - SMD - Japan.jpg
Title: グランドスラム ザ・テニストーナメント’92 (Grand Slam: The Tennis Tournament '92)
Platform: Genesis
Released: 1992-06-12
Publisher: Nippon Telenet
  USA.svg   USA
Jennifer Capriati Tennis - GEN.jpg
Title: Jennifer Capriati Tennis
Platform: Genesis
Released: 1992-08-16
Publisher: Renovation Products
  EU.svg   EU
Grand Slam The Tennis Tournament - SMD - Europe.jpg
Title: Grand Slam: The Tennis Tournament
Platform: Genesis
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Sega