Insects In Space

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Insects In Space
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Insects In Space - C64 - Title.png
Composer Martin Galway
Arranger Martin Galway
Programmer Martin Galway
Released 1989-??-??
Length 2:49
Format SID.png
Game Insects In Space (C64)
Title Origin Game Title
Loops Yes

Insects In Space is the title music for the game of the same name. Martin Galway begins the track with an incessant buzzing which slowly fades out as the music begins to play. The track continues to play as the game runs its opening demo of flipping between the title screen, high score list, and enemy depictions.

Galway had the following to say about this track:

I am sorry to see that most composers these days don't have access to the kind of tricks I was able to do (being a programmer), which for example allowed me to create the 'buzzing bees' effect at the beginning of the tune. Too bad, eh?
Well by the time I got to that game (1988) I was a bit hard up for ideas. I didn't know what to do with so few notes available! I wanted my tunes to build up into much larger entities but I always hit this limit. Plus the time at which that game was developed was a pretty rough time for Sensi, none of us were too happy at the time. Insects In Space was a victim of this. True though, it certainly has 'character', but it just doesn't go on LONG enough, don't you agree?