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Founded 1988-??-??

Infiltrator is a series of two games created by Chris Gray of Gray Matter, though the company was known as Chris Gray Enterprises at the time of the game's development.

In Infiltrator, you play the starring role of James "Jimbo Baby" McGibbits, and you must stop the evil Mad Leader. The game is a flying simulator, but also contains stealth elements as well, similar to the early Metal Gear games.

There are only two games in the series. The second game was exclusive to the Commodore 64 and the NES. However, the NES version is named after the first game, probably because it wouldn't make sense to release the game under the sequel's name, as the first game was never ported to the NES.



Infiltrator II: The Next Day

Note: Even though the game shares the same name as the first game, Infiltrator (NES) is a conversion of the second game.

Notable Songs

Notable Audio Personnel


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Notable Songs Title Screen
Notable Personnel Paul Butler • Nick Eastridge
Notable Companies Gray Matter