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Player - InTune.png
Creator Doug Brandon
Released 1991-05-01
Platform DOS

InTune is a DOS-based ROL player that supports various methods of playback including command line, text interface, and scripting via a script file. You must run SOUND.COM before using InTune to play ROL files. To enter the text interface, type "INTUNE /X". The command line has several options.


  • /B - Specify bankfile to use instead of STANDARD.BNK.
  • /D - Specify an alternate directory for ROL files.
  • /H - Display InTune options and help screen.
  • /I - Display technical information on named ROL files.
  • /X - Use extended display in full screen mode.
  • /Z - Specify PKZIP file to read songs from.


Version Download Platform
2.0 (Shareware) Download - (info) DOS