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Iguana Entertainment
Founded 1991
Headquarters Austin, Texas, USA

Iguana Entertainment was an American game developer, initially known for making many sports-based video games. They later refocused themselves as a developer of first-person shooter games, with their most famous creation being the Turok series. In 1995 they were purchased by Acclaim, and rebranded as Acclaim Studios Austin in 2000, before going bankrupt with the rest of the company in 2004.


Music Development

Nintendo 64

Iguana's UK division created their own Nintendo 64 sound driver, which was programmed by Anthony Palumba and Brian Watson, and used for all the company's subsequent games for the system.

Sega Genesis

Iguana used GEMS.

Sega Game Gear

All of the company's Game Gear titles had their audio outsourced to Beam Software. Marshall Parker wrote the music, Gavan Anderson did the sound effects, and the sound driver was programmed by Brian Post.


Iguana used SLICK/Audio from Bitmasters.

Audio Personnel