Imaginative Technology Land

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Imaginative Technology Land
Founded December, 1986
Headquarters Japan

ITL (アイ・ティ・エル) is a Japanese game developer created around December 1986. They have developed a number of games for Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, and other companies, and have even developed their own arcade games. The company's last known game was Irekae Maho-chan for the XBox 360 in 2010, but the company still exists.


Audio Development


Kiyoshi Kusatsu developed a couple drivers for the NES. His best known driver was used in Bubble Bobble Part 2 and Bakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou 3. Both games were composed by Kenichi Kamio. Kamio would write his music on sheet music manuscript paper and give it to Kusatsu to implement into his sound driver.

Kusatsu also had an earlier driver used in Kagerou Densetsu which he composed with Yoshio Watanabe.

Audio Personnel