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Hurricanes - GG.jpg
Platform: Sega Game Gear
Year: 1994
Developer: Arc Developments
For other games in the series, see Hurricanes.

Hurricanes is an action game based on the TV series which aired in Scotland. In this game you play as the American player Cal. This was one of the few Game Gear games to be released exclusively in Europe. While the game has good graphics and gameplay, it suffers some flaws. There are no cutscenes like in the Mega Drive version so you won't know why you're playing through the 12 levels that the game offers. There's also a terrible sound effect that plays when you jump (which happens all the time), and the overall production of the game seems rushed. It's not surprising since this was a game based on a cartoon show. There was also a Sega Mega Drive port of this game.


Hurricanes - GG - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Hurricanes - GG - You've Won!.png

Your typical one-screen ending.

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Hurricanes has inferior music compared to the Mega Drive version. Both versions suffer the same fate of having lengthy songs made up of repeated loops. The music was composed by Andi McGinty of Johnny Bazookatone fame. Chris Coupe also gets his only audio credit for sound effects. While he is not specifically listed for the sound driver, programmer Julian Scott confirms that Coupe wrote the sound engine for this game. The only sound effect you will hear in the game most of the time is the horrendous jumping sound.

The Game Gear version has completely different music from the Mega Drive version except for the final boss and bonus game music.

All of the song names come from the location they are found in the game. Since these are unofficial titles, Andi McGinty should be contacted for the songs' official titles.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Andi McGintyChris Coupe 2:12
02 Stage Theme 1 Andi McGintyChris Coupe 2:12
03 Stage Theme 2 Andi McGintyChris Coupe 2:33
04 Stage Theme 3 Andi McGintyChris Coupe 3:13
05 Stage Theme 4 Andi McGintyChris Coupe 2:53
06 Final Boss Andi McGintyChris Coupe 0:48
07 Game Over/You've Won! Andi McGintyChris Coupe 0:12
08 Unused Song Andi McGintyChris Coupe 1:31



Both McGinty and Coupe are the only people to use aliases in the game's credits, and there are no audio credits in the Mega Drive version. It is possible that they were not satisfied with their music. Chris Coupe's alias has been identified by his brother Tim.

Game Rip





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The music was logged in Fusion 3.64. Hacking was required to prevent sound effects from playing during the music. The recording was made in Winamp using the in_vgm plugin. You can learn how to log VGM files here.


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Hurricanes - GG.jpg
Title: Hurricanes
Platform: Sega Game Gear
Released: 1994-12-??
Publisher: U.S. Gold, Ltd.