Hiroshi Endō

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Hiroshi Endō
Local 遠藤 宏 (えんどう ひろし)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases H. Endoh, Endooo, Endodon

Hiroshi Endō is a Japanese composer and sound designer who was the audio director Home Data. He joined the company around 1989 and both oversaw and did audio for a majority of their games. He may have also been the one to have founded the company's in-house sound team Eurythm. He usually worked alongside Kenichi Fujii and other composers. When more composers joined Home Data, he received less composition credits, and started to be credited for audio direction. It appears when Home Data rebranded themselves to Magical Company, it appears Endo and the rest of the Eurythm sound team departed from the company, though this isn't confirmed due to Magical Company lacking credits in most of their games.

It appears his last credit was in 1997 for the game Planet Joker.

Audio Development


Endo used a sound driver by Toshiyuki Hirota. The music was written in Music Macro Language.


This is a translation of Endo's hidden message in Marble Madness (X68).

I am Endo, in charge of sound. I just did the music for the sound logo. Ueda-kun did a really good job in creating the song data and sound effects! Who wrote such hard-to-copy songs? The person who made the arrangements is more worthy than the person who made it! I am tempted to say.

That said, the Marble Madness songs are well done on many levels. There were many things that I was taught anew through my involvement in development. I hope to continue to produce more and more high quality sounds in the future. Enjoy the sound of Ueda-kun's masterpiece, X68000 Marble Madness, with stereo or stereo headphones.


Released Title Sample Notes
1989-03-03 Hayauchi Super Igo (FC) (早打ちスーパー囲碁) Composer?
1989-10-13 Evert & Lendl's Top Players Tennis (NES) (ワールド スーパー テニス) Composer?
1989-11-24 Cosmic Epsilon (FC) (コズミックイプシロン) All songs except Parachute Limit, where he arranged Masaya Matsuura's music.
1989-??-?? BattleCry (ARC) (バトルクライ) With "Tappi". (Tappi Iwase?)
1990-08-10 Shougi: Shodan Icchokusen (PCE) (将棋初段一直線)
Music Director and Sound Effect [sic]
1990-??-?? Mahjong Lemon Angel (ARC) (麻雀レモンエンジェル) Music Director, Sound Design
1991-02-15 Famicom Shougi: Ryuuousen (FC) (ファミコン将棋 竜王戦)
Audio Director
1991-03-15 Marble Madness (X68) (マーブル・マッドネス) Audio Director, Home Data Jingle.
1991-03-30 Marble Madness (PC98) (マーブル・マッドネス) Audio Director, Home Data Jingle.
1991-05-24 Tetra Star: The Fighter (FC) (テトラスター) Music Arrange with Kenichi Fujii and Takashi Nakajima.
Sound Effects with Alice Kagamino.
1991-11-02 Dragon's Eye Plus: Shanghai III (SMD) (ドラゴンズアイ プラス 上海Ⅲ)
Music Direction
1991-11-29 Famicom Igo Nyuumon (FC) (ファミコン囲碁入門) Audio Director
1991-11-29 Shougi: Shoshinsha Muyou (PCE) (将棋初心者無用)
With Kenichi Fujii and Takashi Nakajima.
1997-03-07 Planet Joker (SAT) (プラネット ジョーカー) With Kenichi Fujii and Mitsuhiko Takano.
Unreleased Home Data no Igo (PCE)