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Hillsfar - PC98.jpg
Platform: PC98
Year: 1990
Developer: Opera House

Hillsfar is an action-adventure game originally developed by Westwood Associates. It was released in Japan for the PC-9801 and Famicom. In the game, you play as your own character. The game plays in a similar fashion to the early Grand Theft Auto games. You must visit the guildmaster of your respective class in the city of Hillsfar, and they will send you on a series of fetch quests. The game has an impressive number of gameplay mechanics; there's a horseriding segment, a first/third-person view when walking through the city, archery practice, an overhead segment when you're inside somewhere exploring, and even an arena battle. The game was originally designed for you to level up your character and transfer them into other AD&D games at the time so they would be a little stronger in their next adventure.

The PC-9801 version was developed by Opera House. It is arguably the best version of the game, which is too bad, as only Japanese speakers can properly play this game. The game has more impressive graphics than the Amiga version, and it has an in-game soundtrack; something that the other computer ports of Hillsfar lacked.


Hillsfar - PC98 - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Hillsfar - PC98 - Gameplay 1.png

The main menu.

Hillsfar - PC98 - Gameplay 2.png

Viewing the map to select a route to Hillsfar.

Hillsfar - PC98 - Gameplay 3.png

The horseriding segment.

Hillsfar - PC98 - Gameplay 4.png

Walking around Hillsfar.

Hillsfar - PC98 - Gameplay 5.png

Fighting Lefty in the arena.


The game shares the same soundtrack as the NES version. However, the PC-9801 version was released first. However, rather than use Paul Mudra's title music from the computer versions, the PC-9801 version has a new original song by Yasuhiro Kawasaki. The PC-9801 version's YM2203 has both PSG and FM synthesis capabilities, unsurprisingly surpassing the quality of the NES version. The music is also more present in this version, whereas the NES version lacked music in most parts of the game. The disadvantage here is that the music can get annoying after hours of play. This is especially true for the Horseback riding segments.

The musical styles vary in the game. However, most of them have a medieval theme to them. The arena music sounds like Spanish Flamenco-style guitar. The song that plays when you're walking around Hillsfar is a relaxed 3/4 ballad.

According to Yasuhiro, the title music is his favorite song in the game. It is unknown how he created music for the game, but it is likely in the same manner Takeshi Yasuda did, by using an editor provided by Pony Canyon or Opera House. Kawasaki said he may have used Music Macro Language, but can't remember correctly because of how much time it's been since the game's development. He also confirmed that the game's soundtrack are all his original compositions, and the NES version features his compositions.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Yasuhiro Kawasaki 1:38
02 Horseback Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:30
03 Hillsfar Yasuhiro Kawasaki 1:50
04 Guilds Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:58
05 Shops Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:51
06 Arena Battle/Shooting Range Yasuhiro Kawasaki 1:10
07 Win Arena Battle Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:05
08 Lose Arena Battle Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:04
09 Dungeons Yasuhiro Kawasaki 1:22
10 Death Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:12
11 Ending Yasuhiro Kawasaki 0:43


(Sources: Box, Manual)

Hillsfar does not contain any in-game credits. However, a full list of staff credits can be found in the game's instruction manual, as well as a credit to the composer and producer on the back of the game's packaging. The game's manual also lists the original Westwood staff, but since there is no audio staff credited, a scan of that page has been omitted.

Game Rip

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This rip is missing songs.


Audio Devices

Hillsfar uses the YM2203 of the NEC PC-9801.


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Hillsfar - PC98.jpg
Title: ヒルズファー (Hillsfar)
Platform: PC98
Released: 1991-11-21
Publisher: Pony Canyon, Inc.

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Notable Personnel Paul Mudra • Yasuhiro Kawasaki • Yoshio Kobayashi
Notable Companies Westwood Associates • Opera House • Crosstalk • Pony Canyon