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Founded 1986-03-07
Last Release 2008-03-??

Highlander began as a movie but branched out as a fantasy empire with several sequels, a television series, cartoon, comic books and so on. Unfortunately, the games are particularly lousy. The over-arcing theme of the series is that some people are immortal and never die of old age, but can be killed by having their head cut off. The immortals fight each other because whenever they kill one, they gain all their power, and the last immortal standing will essentially be a god on earth.


Original Movie

Animated Series

New Generation

Notable Songs

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies


Highlander Platform - C64.png • Platform - CPC.png
Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods Platform - JCD.png • Platform - DOS.png
Notable Songs A Kind of Magic
Notable Personnel Queen • Martin Galway
Notable Companies Canvas • Ocean Software