Herve Trisson

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Hervé Trisson
Herve Trisson - 01.jpg
Birth Place France
Nationality French   France.svg
Aliases Trisson.H

Herve Trisson is a French game designer and programmer who worked for Titus. While working there, he programmed their Game Boy sound driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1992-06-?? The Blues Brothers (GB) Sound Driver
1993-??-?? Lamborghini: American Challenge (GB) Sound Driver
1993-??-?? Titus the Fox (GB) Sound Driver
1994-??-?? The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure (GB) Sound Driver
1995-??-?? Un Indien Dans La Ville (GB) Sound Driver
1995-12-22 Prehistorik Man (GB) (Pマン) Sound Driver
1997-??-?? Superman (GB) Sound Driver
2000-09-22 Titus the Fox (GBC) Sound Driver