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Founded 1983
Closed ca. 1990
Headquarters England

Graftgold was an English game development company founded by Steve Turner in 1983 after he quit his previous employer. The company is known for its many computer games. The company got off the ground working with Hewson Consultants.


Audio Development

Amstrad CPC/Game Gear/Master System

Steve Turner programmed a sound driver. It was later converted to the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear for use with their games for those consoles. This wasn't too tough of a challenge as both shared similar sound hardware.


Jason Page programmed Graftgold's sound driver. According to Page, this wasn't too hard for him, as he had previously programmed a sound driver for the Amiga and Atari ST in 68000, and the Genesis also had the same processor.

Page also said he loaned his sound driver out to an Australian game developer. This may have been Beam Software, though the company had their own sound driver.

Audio Personnel