Giraffe Soft (Sound Driver)

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Giraffe Soft (GB Driver)
Released 1990-03-29
Programmers Hiroto Nakamura, Katsuhiko Sadamoto(?)
Language GB-Z80 Assembly
Formats MML

Giraffe Soft is the unofficial name of a Game Boy sound driver made by Hiroto Nakamura shortly after founding Giraffe Soft. As Nakamura was contracted to work on various games, most Game Boy games with his involvement often use this driver. At an unknown point in time, former Thinking Rabbit employee Akira Suda obtained the driver code and used it for Blaster Master: Enemy Below (GBC).

The driver is most notable for it's rather "screechy" sound (most infamously demonstrated in Mega Man II (GB)); However it can be attributed to a poor arranging job on the hand of Hiroto Nakamura, as games like Undercover Cops Gaiden (GB) and Kung' Fu Master (GB) better demonstrate the driver's capabilities.

Release History

An early revision of the driver was used in the first Trump Boy (GB), but from Trump Boy II (GB) onward a more "finalized" release was present. Although the last official game, Blaster Master: Enemy Below (GBC), was released in 2001, unlicensed developer Sintax used its release from Mega Man II (GB) for several of its own unlicensed releases afterwards, up until late 2005.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-03-29 Trump Boy (GB) (トランプボーイ) Uses an early release of the sound driver.
1990-11-09 Trump Boy II (GB) (トランプボーイⅡ) Uses the now "standard" release of the sound driver.
1990-12-11 Kung' Fu Master (GB) (スパルタンX) Used by Takushi Hiyamuta (Credited as "Irem Sound Team").
1991-12-20 Mega Man II (GB) (ロックマンワールド2)
Used by Hiroto Nakamura to arrange Kenji Yamazaki's music.
1991-12-20 Taiyou no Yuusha: Fighbird GB (GB) (太陽の勇者ファイバード) Used by Hiroto Nakamura to arrange Kenji Yamazaki's music.
1993-12-20 Undercover Cops Gaiden: Hakaishin Garumaa (GB) (アンダーカバーコップス外伝 破壊神ガルマァ) Used by Hiroto Nakamura to arrange Kenji Yamazaki's music.
2000-02-24 Blaster Master: Enemy Below (GBC) (メタファイトEX) Used by Akira Suda to arrange Naoki Kodaka's music.
2002-??-?? Zook Hero 3 (GBC) (洛克英雄传3) Uses the variant from Mega Man II (GB), including music and sound effects.
2004-06-15 Crazy Arcade I (GBC) Modification of Zook Hero 3 (GBC).
2005-10-11 Metal Slug X: Behind Enemy Lines (GBC) (越南戰役X: 深入敵後) Modification of Zook Hero 3 (GBC).