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Founded 1987-0?-??
Last Release 1988-09-??

Garrison is an early Gauntlet clone, created for the Amiga during lack of an official Gauntlet port.

The series does not try to offer much new. Most notably, though, you can choose up to five (instead of Gauntlet's four) characters at game start, and in every level, you choose up to two (Amiga) or three (C64) out of them to play simultaneously. All ports also store six high score tables on disk, one for each character and one for the whole team.

The back cover tells that beloved Princess Angelique suddenly fell very ill and only a sinister magician's magic herb can rescue her. However, none of the games recounts any of this or has an ending. They have 128 (Amiga) or 132 (C64) levels, the first four of which are always the same. Afterwards, levels are picked at random.



Garrison II: The Legend Continues

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