Game Over - Arkanoid

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Game Over
Composer Hisayoshi Ogura
Released 1986-??-??
Title Origin Official
Loops No
This page is for the Arkanoid song, for more titles see Game Over.

Game Over (ゲームオーバー, Gemu Oba) is a jingle that plays if you run out of lives in Arkanoid. The song plays at a lower octave than the other jingles in the game. The jingle was composed by Hisayoshi Ogura. The song is also played after the ending cut scene if you beat the game. The official title comes from the Taito Game Music album.


Arkanoid (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Arkanoid (ARC)
Output - SSG.svg
Arkanoid - ARC - Game Over.png
Arranger Hisayoshi Ogura
Released 1988-??-??
Length 0:02.31
Format VGM

The song is rendered on the YM2149. It is number 0E in the game's internal sound test.

Arkanoid (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Arkanoid (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Arkanoid - NES - Game Over.png
Arranger Tsukasa Masuko
Released 1986-12-26
Length 0:01.57
Format NSF

The song is rendered on the Nintendo's RP2A03. It is track number 4 in the NSF file.

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