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Game Boy Sound System
Developer: ?
Header: Custom
Content: Unknown
Instruments: Combined
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio - No.png Output - MIDI - No.png Output - FM Synthesis - No.png Output - PSG.png
Released: ?
First Game: N/A
  • *.gbs

The Game Boy Sound System is a file that contains the code and data responsible for producing sound in a Game Boy ROM. A player must emulate the Game Boy's CPU and audio chip, the DMG-CPU B, and execute the code from the GBR file to play the music.

Early Game Boy music files were ripped into the GBR format, but the format didn't contain enough information to play back audio code that used some of the more interesting programming available to the platform. The GBS format, which houses similar data, was created with a more detailed header to give players enough information for accurate sound.





GBS to ?

? to GBS



All games released for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color can have their music ripped to GBS.

How to Obtain

Ripping GBS files requires an intimate knowledge of the DMG-CPU B and its APU, but luckily, most Game Boy games already have their sound ripped to GBS format and can be downloaded from the following sites: