Fruit Panic

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Fruit Panic
Local フルーツパニック
Founded 1984-??-??
Last Release 1990-02-23

Fruit Panic is an arcade-style game developed for a few Japanese home computers in 1984. In the game, you play as Walky, who bears a similar resemblance to Pac-Man. Also similar to Pac-Man, the goal is to collect all of the objects on the screen to complete the level. Also, like Pac-Man, you have enemies called the Nyankys who will chase Walky around the screen, and will kill Walky if he comes into contact with them. However, the gameplay itself bears more of a resemblance to Mappy, another Namco game.


Fruit Panic

Tasmania Story

Tasmania Story (タスマニア物語 Tasumania Monogatari, literally Tasmania Story) is "based" on the Japanese movie of the same name, in which a boy Shouichi Shounen (少年正一) goes looking for his father, who in turn is in search of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger. Despite the movie never being released outside of Japan, the game was released in Japan and North America, the latter courtesy of FCI. The game is essentially a reskin of Fruit Panic. However, the 10 stages loop endlessly until an animal in each level is rescued.

Notable Songs

Notable Audio Personnel

Because he is credited in the first game, and games were usually single-handedly programmed by one person back then, it is most likely Makoto Ichinoseki did the music and sound effects for Fruit Panic.

It is unknown who worked on Tasmania Story, as neither the North American or Japanese versions have credits neither in the games or manuals.

Notable Companies