Frozen Hillside

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Frozen Hillside
Composer Tadashi Ikegami
Released 2003-??-??
Title Origin Official

Frozen Hillside is one of the stages on Kirby's Air Ride.


Kirby's Air Ride (GC)

Kirby's Air Ride (GC)
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Frozen Hillside.jpg
Arranger Unknown
Released 2003-??-??
Length 3:00
Format CD


As it is beginning
We start to get in place
Its almost overwhelming
As my heart begins to race
As the lights tell us to go 
Our machines start to soar
Everything going by so fast
As the race starts in a flash
We are entering a Winter Wonderland
It seems like it came from a fairytale
But we cannot let that ever distract us
From our main goals our true dreams
Turning left Turning Right
Going through the obstacles
Flying Up Soaring Down
Dodging all the icicles 
Swerving here Steering there
This is going to be
My time to shine
Turning Right Turning Left 
All the ice looking like mirrors
Sliding Down Leaping Up
As everything becomes clearer
Curving there Guiding here
Now it is time
For first place to become mine!