Flute of Pegasus

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Flute of Pegasus
Composer Michiharu Hasuya
Released 1987-04-17
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Flute of Pegasus is a short jingle from the NES port of Rygar. It was composed by Michiharu Hasuya and heard in all regions of the game. It is played when the player uses the Flute of Pegasus.


Rygar (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Rygar (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Rygar - NES - Flute of Pegasus.png
Arranger Unknown
Programmer Unknown
Released 1987-04-17
Length 0:04.15
Format NSF

The song only uses the two square wave channels of the NES APU. They both play the same notes, but the first channel plays at a higher pitch, while the second plays at a lower pitch.

The jingle is track 15 in the NSF file.