Final Fantasy VI: Stars Vol.1

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Final Fantasy VI: Stars★Vol.1
Final Fantasy VI - Stars, Vol. 1.jpg
Released 1994-01-21
Publisher NTT Publishing
Country Japan   Japan.svg
Catalog N09D-023
Games Final Fantasy III (SNES)

Final Fantasy VI: Stars★Vol.1 is the first of a 2 part album collection that featured recordings of the themes from some of the playable characters in Final Fantasy III (SNES). The music is straight from the game and is not arranged. The album use an 8 cm CD instead of the typical 12cm disc.

NTT Publishing featured a promotion during the time of this CDs release where you could clip off the proof of purchase on the CD booklet to get a Final Fantasy VI key chain, so many of the Stars albums are missing parts of their backing.


# Title Composer / Arranger Length
01 Tina's Theme
(ティナのテーマ, Tina no Teema)
Nobuo Uematsu 3:54
02 Edgar and Mash's Theme
(エドガ-、マッシュのテーマ, Edogaa Masshu no Teema)
Nobuo Uematsu 2:39
03 Stragus's Theme
(ストラゴスのテーマ, Sutoragosu no Teema)
Nobuo Uematsu 2:14
04 Gau's Theme
(ガウのテーマ, Gau no Teema)
Nobuo Uematsu 1:52
05 Cayenne's Theme
(カイエンのテーマ, Kaien no Teema)
Nobuo Uematsu 2:23