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Player - Festalon.png
Creator Disch
Released 2000-03-06
Platform Winamp
Website slickproductions.org/notsofatso.php

Festalon is an input plugin for Winamp for playing NSF files. It isn't very configurable, but it yields accurate sound for most NES games. Unlike most NSF players, Festalon outputs unfiltered digital audio.

Festalon emulates all of the chips used in the various NES consoles including the Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Famicom Disk System, Nintendo Vs, and PlayChoice 10 systems. These chips include:

Since its last binary release, the source of Festalon has been improved to include HES support and can now be built on XMMS or as a standalone Linux player, though no binaries are being maintained.


Version Download Platform
0.3.0 Download - (info) Winamp
0.5.5 Download - (info) Source