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Founded 1990-03-23
Last Release 1992-12-22

Famimaga (ファミマガ) was a line of games released based on the Tokuma Shoten magazine, who also developed the games (except Puyo Puyo, which was developed by an outside company. Famimaga is short for "FAMIly computer MAgazine". The magazine was similar to Nintendo Power, in that it would talk about new games, interviews with game developers, and more. However, like Nintendo Power being exclusive in the USA, Famimaga was exclusive to Japan. All of the games were developed for the Famicom Disk System, but Hong Kong got a port on the Game Boy, and Puyo Puyo also had a port on the Famicom itself. Also, even though the games were released for the Famicom Disk System, they failed to use the Famicom Disk System's RP2C33.


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