Ernie's Big Splash (A2GS)

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Ernie's Big Splash
Ernie's Big Splash (Apple IIGS).jpg
Platform: Apple IIGS
Year: 1987
Developer: Hi Tech Expressions
Ernie's Magic Shapes is an educational following direction game for the Apple IIGS. Based on the popular kids show, Sesame Street. Help the rubber duckie get from the bathroom sink to Ernie's tub, The rubber duckie may encounter other characters (like Bert, Grover, Honkers, Cookie Monster, Oscar, and so on...).


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Sesame Street
Astro-Grover Platform - A2GS.png
Ernie's Magic Shapes Platform - A2GS.png
Ernie's Big Splash Platform - A2GS.png
Letter-Go-Round Platform - A2GS.png
Big Bird's Hide and Speak Platform - NES.png
123 ABC Platform - NES.png
Countdown Platform - NES.png
Letters Platform - MAC.png