Eric Albers

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Eric Albers
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Eric Albers played keyboard in his band during high school and college. In the 1990s he composed some music, but it never made it into his video games as his work in programming took precedence. Albers's started his video game career as a programmer for Silent Software. He left there to become part of Maxis Software and worked on several of their games. His only audio credit comes from the game SIM Farm, where he helped with sound effects. In 1993, Albers left Maxis to found Leaping Lizard Software where he worked on several games and slot machines.

Albers sold Leaping Lizard Software and retired in 2000, but continued to write freelance software for many projects, until, In 2004, he became the vice president of engineering at RFID Global Solution.

Albers has many hobbies including genetics, physics, mathematics, electronics, robotics, metallurgy, beekeeping, carpentry, music, and writing.


Released Title Sample
1993-??-?? SimFarm (DOS) Sound
1996-??-?? SimFarm (W16) Sound