Engine Software

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Engine Software
Founded 1991
Headquarters Doetinchem, Netherlands
Website www.engine-software.com
Other Names MSX-Engine

Engine Software is a Dutch video game developer, located in Doetinchem, Netherlands, which specialized in handheld video games and digital platforms until 2011. In the period after (2011-present) they have become more active and known for high-end ports and adaptations of games to modern consoles, mobile, PC and streaming services like Stadia and Luna.

Music Development


On Corn Buster, composers wrote music using Fasttracker II.

Game Boy Color

Composers at Engine Software used MusyX, a sound tool by Factor 5.

Co-developed games with Vicarious Visions uses GHX sound driver by Shin'en Multimedia.

Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS / digiBlast

Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans wrote sound drivers for Game Boy Advance, digiBlast and Nintendo DS. These drivers were licensed to various developers, and as such, these sound engines are known to be used by various composers.

Bart Roijmans writing music using MadTracker and converted his XM files for playback with developer's sound driver.

Audio Personnel