Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (PC98)

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Elvira - PC98.jpg
Platform: PC98
Year: 1992
Developer: Horror Soft Ltd.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark is a horror-themed adventure game based on the character Elvira. Despite being named after the movie, the game has nothing to do with the film, and instead has its own story.

Elvira has recently inherited a castle from her evil uncle. She originally intends to make the castle a horror-themed attraction. Unfortunately, the horrors become real when her dead ancestor, Emelda, buried in the depths of the castle is reincarnated and sends both her living and undead monsters to slay Elvira. Elvira then enlists the help of the player, an unnamed male protagonist, to stop Emelda and rid the castle of all evil.

You must go through several cleverly set up traps and puzzles to reach Emelda. You can also use several found objects to make ingredients for spells for Elvira to make for you, which are essential to progressing through the game.

The PC-9801 version was the only version of the game released in Japan. It is pretty much on par with the other versions, just (obviously) translated to Japanese. The only real difference is the FM audio quality.


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The PC98 version's soundtrack is from the DOS version. The game offers the MT-32 and General MIDI as a sound option, but they are the same as what is heard in the DOS version. The only thing that differs is the FM synthesis, as both versions feature a different sound chip. Therefore, only the FM soundtrack has been recorded. While the PC-98's YM2203 was more limited than AdLib's YM3812 used in the DOS version, it does provide better instrument design than what is heard in the DOS version. It also sounds like the music was directly copied over and not arranged.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Main Theme Dave Hasler 3:32
02 Castle Dave Hasler 5:45
03 Dungeon Dave Hasler 4:59
04 Garden Dave Hasler 3:44
05 Altar Dave Hasler 6:33
06 Crypt Dave Hasler 5:06


(Source (Manual))

The game should be played through to check for credits. Because the game is a direct port of the DOS version which has credits, it is most likely that this game does as well. The manual credits Hasler's name in Japanese katakana.

Also, it is possible Jezz Woodroffe worked on the soundtrack, and not Hasler, as the music is different from the Amiga/Atari ST version, in which the MOD files credit Hasler, verifying his involvement with the Amiga/Atari ST versions.

Game Rip




MUS (Accolade).pngUNK.png




The game's files were ripped from the game's directory. However, the MUS (Accolade) files are compressed, and the SND files are in an unidentified format. The VGM files were logged in Neko Project 21 VGM Mod. Fileswapping methods were used to log the music at the game's title screen.

Audio Devices

The game offers music playback either on LAPC-I, General MIDI, or the YM2203.


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Elvira - PC98.jpg
Title: エルヴァイラ (Elvira)
Platform: PC98
Released: 1992-11-27
Publisher: Acclaim Japan

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Notable Personnel Dave Hasler • Jezz Woodroffe • Philip Nixon
Notable Companies Accolade • Adventure Soft