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Dual (company) - 01.png
Founded 1987-07-01
Closed Unknown
Other Names Klon

Dual (株式会社デュアル) was a Japanese game developer. They were also known as Klon (株式会社クロン).

The publishing companies that contracted Dual to develop games for them included Asmik, Capcom, Masaya, Naxat Soft, Pack-In-Video, and Sony.


Music Development

Game Boy

The company outsourced a sound driver from Junichi Saito. The music was written in a custom MML using a pair of hexadecimal numbers. It was mostly used by Atsuhiro Motoyama, but since none of the games have credits, it's unknown if he composed all of their Game Boy titles.


The company used a custom sound driver either from NCS or Dual themselves. Only three games use the driver; Mamono Hunter Youko, Sorcerer's Kingdom, and Trampoline Terror. The latter of the three was the first game to use the driver and lacks credits, but the other two games have credits. Based on the credits of Mamono Hunter Youko, the driver programmer may have been Kayoko Maeda.

Audio Personnel