DragonStrike (NES)

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DragonStrike - NES.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1992
Developer: Westwood Associates
For other games in the series see DragonLance.

DragonStrike is a combat flight simulator based on the world of DragonLance. You play a dragon rider who must engage evil dragons and various other monsters of the DragonLance world. You battle your foes with your DragonLance and the breath weapon of your mount.

Though the game shares the same developer as the computer versions, the computer versions featured a 3D environment; something the NES was not fully capable of. Therefore, the game was changed to a top-down vertical shooter. However, unlike most vertical shooters, similar to the computer versions, the levels are a free-roaming environment. You can fly at two altitudes and have two attacks to defeat enemies. Every now and then, you'll encounter a boss that you must defeat; something absent in the computer versions.

One of the more interesting features of this game is that there is a cheat code to play the game in Japanese. This is likely due to plans to release the game in Japan. However, the game remained in the USA only, possibly due to the game's late release, as the SNES was available by 1992. However, the game was released in Japan for Japanese home computers such as the Sharp X68000 and PC-9801.


DragonStrike - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

DragonStrike - NES - Gameplay 1.png

Selecting a dragon.

DragonStrike - NES - Gameplay 2.png

The map screen.

DragonStrike - NES - Gameplay 3.png

Mission objectives.

DragonStrike - NES - Gameplay 4.png

Fighting a silver dragon in the first level.

DragonStrike - NES - Gameplay 5.png

The first boss of the game.


DragonStrike contains a blend of both orchestral and rock music. There are twelve songs in all, which is a third more than the amount found in the DOS version. The music was written by the main Westwood composers Paul Mudra and Frank Klepacki. However, this was Klepacki's first game that he did the music for. While the compositions are nice, the dull square waves from Westwood's audio driver make the music less pleasant than they could be. However, this game adds the polish of a couple digitized snare drum samples, something not seen in other Westwood NES games. Paul received specifically both a music credit, as well as a sound credit, confirming his involvement with the music. However, none of his tracks from the DOS version are present here. Frank and Paul should be contacted to see which songs they wrote.

One interesting thing about the soundtrack is that not only does the game have a hidden sound test, but also contains official titles for the songs; something unheard of in most video game soundtracks. The track ordering is what is the ordering used in the sound test.

To create the music for DragonStrike, both composers used a Amiga. However, they both used different software; Paul used Deluxe Music Construction Set while Frank used Dr. T's KCS. Their MIDI files were presumably run through a tool (presumably coded by Paul) to convert their MIDI files to the NES.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Enemy Spotted... Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 2:25
02 Voyage of Yanaadu Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 1:40
03 The Ebony Dragon Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 1:53
04 Nadur's Challenge Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 1:11
05 Conspiracy! Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 1:40
06 The Mobilizer Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 1:35
07 The End of Infamy Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 0:05
08 Honor Among Allies Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 0:07
09 Prophecies Recourse Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 1:59
10 Lastius Leggus Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 0:05
11 Most Triumphant! Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 2:00
12 Early Warning Frank Klepacki, Paul Mudra 0:49


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The game credits can be viewed upon the game's completion. Completing the game in the Japanese mode still displays the credits in English.

Game Rip

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This rip is missing songs.






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DragonStrike - NES.jpg
Title: DragonStrike
Platform: NES
Released: 1992-07-??
Publisher: FCI