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Doom 64
Doom 64 - N64 - US.jpg
Platform: N64
Year: 1997
Developer: Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.
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For other games in the series, see Doom (series).

Doom 64 is a first-person shooter that is a continuation of the Doom series. The player takes the role of an unnamed protagonist who must take on an army of demons who have taken over a space station, similar to the story of the other games.

Doom 64 was noted for not featuring 3D-polygon enemies like other N64 games of the same genre. Instead, the game uses 2D sprites for the enemies, which are updated versions of the enemies seen in previous installments. However, the Archvile and Revenant enemies are not present in this game due to space constraints, which can be seen as either a blessing or a curse, depending on the player. While the game only uses 2D models, this means the game runs at a smooth framerate, so slowdown is virtually nonexistent. The 3D models are also very nice looking for a Nintendo 64 game, and the music was changed from hard-rock and suspenseful anthems to ambient music. A new weapon was also introduced; an unnamed weapon named by the Doom community as the Unmaker. The game both features a 16-character password option, as well as the ability to save to a memory card.

Perhaps the game's biggest flaw is that there is no multiplayer mode. It has been said that this was due to Midway claiming that in addition to Nintendo refusing to provide tools for multiplayer programming, it wouldn't be fair for the players to see each other's screens, as well as it could potentially slow down gameplay.

In 2020, the game was officially released for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

The game was critically acclaimed for its fluid controls, dark and scary graphics, and the ambient soundtrack. However, the game was criticized by some for being too dark, with players having to turn up the brightness option all the way to be able to see the action on the screen. Also, the Japanese version was censored, in which the blood enemies shed being turned from red to green.


A maximum brightness hack was used to take screenshots of the gameplay.

Doom 64 - N64 - Prerendered Cinematic.png

Prerendered cinematic.

Doom 64 - N64 - Main menu.png

Main menu.

Doom 64 - N64 - Select Difficulty.png

Select Difficulty.

Doom 64 - N64 - Gameplay 1.png

Gameplay 1.

Doom 64 - N64 - Gameplay 2.png

Gameplay 2.

Doom 64 - N64 - Gameplay 3.png

Gameplay 3.


Doom 64 does the opposite of the original trilogy; Unlike Bobby Prince's hard-rock and suspenseful songs, Aubrey Hodges created a completely ambient soundtrack. His soundtrack has been critically acclaimed, and some even believe his music surpasses the original's, as the ambient music blended with the dark hallways makes the game more intimidating to play. Hodges also wrote identical themes for the Playstation and Saturn versions of Doom. In addition to the ambient themes, each one is pretty lengthy, which is nice, since the player won't hear the same notes too much to be annoying.

Aubrey explained creating the music for both Doom 64 and Doom (PS1):

The main theme was written using Voyetra SP Gold sequencing software triggering a Kurzweil KS2000. I played the guitar tracks on top of the sequence using a Tascam DA88. Which in my opinion was one of the most flaky devices ever built. But, at least it worked long enough to track the guitar...hehe. The digital version of the theme was then cut into small slices and triggered as regions on the N64 at very small sampling rates. 11k I think. Which made the theme sound pretty low fi. seemed to work pretty well for a game that was so dark. The level music was a different thing entirely.

On both the PSX and N64 I wrote directly on the hardware using tools by Sony and Nintendo. They allowed me to create tiny little sample banks of instruments/weird sounds and then trigger them with my sequencer. The programs even allowed me to assign fx to the tracks as well as envelope curves and so on. I sampled every weird thing I could get my hands on including a bee trapped in a coffee can, a laptop with a broken fan and an noisy candy machine in our break room. The samples were bizarre...perfect for the type of compositions I knew would fit the game. The result is what you hear when you play any of those games.

Coincidentally, Robert Prince also wrote the original soundtrack in Sequencer Plus Gold as well.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Doom 64 Main Theme Aubrey Hodges 0:59
02 Doom 64 Main Menu Aubrey Hodges 2:06
03 The Madness Aubrey Hodges 17:09
04 Warped Hive Aubrey Hodges 8:55
05 Tortured Transmission Aubrey Hodges 7:49
06 Spaces Between Aubrey Hodges 7:26
07 Hellistatic Aubrey Hodges 7:50
08 Bleep Spawn Aubrey Hodges 6:40
09 Relentless Coil Aubrey Hodges 6:32
10 The Damned Aubrey Hodges 8:51
11 Other Side of Madness Aubrey Hodges 17:08
12 Dark Echo Aubrey Hodges 8:59
13 Aspects of the Vile Aubrey Hodges 8:52
14 Lamentation of the Forgotten Aubrey Hodges 5:39
15 Voices In the Blood Aubrey Hodges 8:08
16 Chrystalline Chaos Aubrey Hodges 5:34
17 Wait For It Aubrey Hodges 5:19
18 Blood Red Shadows Aubrey Hodges 2:30
19 Warped Aubrey Hodges 8:09
20 Collision Course Aubrey Hodges 17:44
21 The Rotted Foul Aubrey Hodges 7:29
22 Perfect Hate Aubrey Hodges 8:52
23 Doom 64 Stats Screen Aubrey Hodges 2:17
24 Doom 64 Finale Aubrey Hodges 2:50



While Doom 64 lacks credits in the game, a full list of credits can be found in the manual. The source above is from the Japanese version manual, but the credits remain roughly the same. Other ports of Doom by the same developers have credits during the demos, and so it's possible credits were cut from the game itself due to space constraints.


Game Rip

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This rip is missing songs.






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Ripping Nintendo 64 music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  USA.svg   USA
Doom 64 - N64 - US.jpg
Title: Doom 64
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released: 1997-04-04
Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.
  Japan.svg   Japan
Doom 64 - N64 - Japan.jpg
Title: ドゥーム64 (Doom 64)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released: 1997-08-01
Publisher: GameBank
  UK.svg   UK
Doom 64 - N64 - Europe.jpg
Title: Doom 64
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released: 1997-12-02
Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.


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