Donald Duck's Playground (C64)

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Donald Duck's Playground
Donald Duck's Playground - C64.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1984
Developer: Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Donald Duck's Playground is a 1984 Sierra educational game.

The player takes the role of Donald Duck, whose job is to earn money so that he can buy playground items for his nephews. To do this, Donald can get himself a job in any of four different work places. Each job shift lasts from one to eight minutes, as the player wants, in which time Donald has to earn as much as he can.

Donald Duck's Playground was originally written for the Commodore 64 and subsequently ported to Sierra's AGI interpreter for the Apple II, PC compatibles, Amiga, and Atari ST. A version for the TRS-80 Color Computer followed as well. The AGI engine had not been designed for this type of game and Al Lowe has described some aspects of porting it (most notably the cash register section) as "ridiculous".


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Donald Duck's Playground - C64 - Title Screen.png

The title screen.


For 1984, Al Lowe, who developed the game, did a simple good job. He had to transcribe the music in assembly, which was implemented into his own sound driver.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Game Theme 01 Al Lowe 1:04
02 Game Theme 02 Al Lowe 0:36
03 Game Theme 03 Al Lowe 0:02
04 Game Theme 04 Al Lowe 0:05


  • Ripper: High Voltage SID Collection
  • Recorder: Duc4Wikmedia
  • Game Credits:

(Verification from composer; game lacks credits.)

Game Rip






Audio Devices

The game uses the SID of the Commodore 64, and uses Al Lowe's C64 sound driver.


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Donald Duck's Playground - C64.jpg
Title: Donald Duck's Playground
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1984-??-??
Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.