Domain (Song)

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Output - SID.svg
Domain - C64 - Outdoors.png
Composer Unknown
Arranger Unknown
Programmer David Dunn
Released 1988-??-??
Length 0:53.85
BPM 150
Format SID.png
Game Domain (C64)
Title Origin Game Title
Loops Yes

Domain is only found in an obscure C64 game loosely based on James Herbert's horror novel of the same name. It plays throughout the entire program, stopping only when you turn it off by pressing the Commodore key or the game loads from disk, and restarting after you turn it on or the game or loading ends.

The game has no credits at all, but the sound driver and style match David Dunn's works.


The music is largely in 3/4 time and seems to set out to follow the book, remaining urging and possibly representing the random people minding their business in an already tense town when alarms take off, followed by steps of rats and humans, but ends up more hopeful than sinister.