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DeliPlayer - 1.PNG
Creator Florian Vorberger, Peter Kunath
Released 1997
Platform Windows

DeliPlayer is a music player based on DeliTracker for the Amiga. The player supports a wide variety of formats (which still need to be added to this page). It plays mainly Amiga and SID music, but can also play other files such as NSF, SPC, and some tracker files like XM. The program is no longer updated and the official home page was taken down.

Installing some extra players can be tricky. Some are as simple as dragging the .AMP file into the /AmigaPlayers directory, but some will give you errors when trying to play files which can be fixed by removing the .AMP extension in the /AmigaPlayers directory.

The main problem is the lacking of converting playable formats to OGG or WAV. Using emulated cores sometimes don't give proper sounding of non-Amiga sound formats. So you should use another player for playing non-Amiga music.

List of known supported formats: 669, AHX, AIFF, AU, AY, CUST, DW, FLAC, HIP, HIPC, IFF, IT, JCB, MDAT, MED, MOD, MP3, MTM, NSF, OGG, OKT, S3M, SAP, SID, SNDH, SPC, WAV, XM, YM (both compressed/uncompressed).

With plugins: DL, JT, WB.

Most of the formats are covered in foobar2000 and its plugins yet, or in JAM For Windows, but DeliPlayer still has the ability to play several formats not found elsewhere.


Version Download Platform
2.50 beta Download - (info) Windows