Death Stalker

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Death Stalker
Founded 1988-1?-??
Last Release 1991-0?-??

Death Stalker is an 8-bit side-view adventure platformer.

The boxes, manuals and programs do not tell any story, just barely mention some cast. The only real plot is to descend to and escape the deepest dreaded dungeons. On your way, you can take up to five items. Your path will be blocked by undead skeletons, grotesque evil orc men, and prisoners, all of whom you may smash or hack—although freeing prisoners is much more rewarding.

While the gamer sees everything in 2D from the side, he is only shown sections, items and creatures that the protagonist can see from where he stands. A contractor recalled this as "the unique selling point". However, the game always reviewed average at best.


In the late 1980s, Mark Gallagher answered an advertisement to write the Commodore 64 port. The Spectrum programmer personally gave him all he needed, but the job went unsuccessful. Decades later, he released his final attempt: It features a few basic movements, screens, and a rip of Loader - Mean Streak (C64). Whether any C64 audio was commissioned is unknown. Most likely, David Whittaker would have upgraded his sounds from the AY-3-8912 chip to the 6581.

Both releases reappeared in a 1991 compilation.

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Death Stalker
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