David Kerr

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David Kerr
Birth Place
Nationality Canadian   Canada.svg
Aliases Dave Kerr

David Kerr is a Canadian composer and sound designer who worked at Digital Illusions.

Music Development

Game Boy Advance

Kerr used a custom sound driver by Digital Illusions.


Released Title Sample Notes
2001-11-14 Shrek (XBOX)
2002-06-10 Pryzm Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn (PS2) With Clandro Cautillo.
2002-09-04 Barbie Software: Groovy Games (GBA) With Clandro Cautillo.
2002-10-08 Secret Agent Barbie: Royal Jewels Mission (GBA)
2002-11-27 The Land Before Time: Big Water Adventure (PS1)
2003-09-17 Polly Pocket: Super Splash Island (GBA)
2003-09-04 Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII (W32)
2004-03-14 Battlefield: Vietnam (W32)
2005-11-21 Battlefield 2: Special Forces (W32)
2006-11-20 Battlefield 2: Booster Pack Collection (W32)
2010-11-16 iCarly 2: iJoin The Click! (NDS) Sound Effects
2012-10-18 Masters of Mystery (AND) Additional Sounds
2012-11-29 Masters of Mystery 2 (AND) Additional Sounds