David Henry

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David Henry
Gender Male
Birth Place
Nationality American   USA.svg


Released Title Sample Notes
1995-10-31 Torin's Passage (W32) With Mark Seibert.
1997-04-14 Shivers Two: Harvest of Souls (W32) With Boyd Post.
1997-07-31 Betrayal in Antara (W32)
1999-10-05 Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (W32) With Robert Holmes.
2000-09-17 Crimson Skies (W32) Sound Designer
2000-09-21 Midtown Madness 2 (W32) Audio with Jeff Stone, Jerry Schroeder, and Gordon Hempton.
2000-11-23 MechWarrior 4: Vengeance (W32) EBU Audio Team with Barry Dowsett, Matthew Lee JohnstonJeff Stone.
2002-01-21 NBA Inside Drive 2002 (XBOX) Audio Lead
2002-02-22 Sneakers (XBOX) (ねずみくす) Audio Lead
2006-10-13 Microsoft Flight Simulator X (W32)
2007-10-23 Flight Simulator X: Acceleration (W32)
2010-09-14 Halo: Reach (X360) (ヘイロー リーチ) Sound Designer with Hong-Wei David Liu.
2014-09-09 Destiny (XONE) Bungie Audio: Audio Designer with Stephen Hodde.
2017-09-06 Destiny 2 (PS4) (デスティニー2) Bungie Destiny Team 2015-2017: Audio: Audio Design Lead with Evan Buehler.