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David A. Zabriskie
Dave Zabriskie.jpg
Gender Male
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases Dr. Dave Zabriskie
Website www.audiogamingdesign.com

David A. Zabriskie is an American composer, sound designer, and audio manager. He attended Northwestern University for music composition. In 1993, he started working at WMS Gaming. There, he composed over forty video and pinball games, whilst also getting to work with many celebrities such as Harvey Korman, Jake Lloyd, and Elvira. In 2000, David left WMS and started working at IGT in 2003, where he composed music and sound effects for several of their slot machines. In 2011, he left IGT and did freelance audio work for several companies such as Musical Theatre Systems, Musicfilm, and HolySheetMusic.com. In 2015, he started working at GSN Games, composing music and sound for their mobile slot machine games.

In December 2019, David started working at Gaming Arts as a Senior Sound Designer and Composer, a position he still holds to this day.

Audio Development

Arcade / Pinball

For Curve Ball, Zabriskie used David Thiel's sound driver. Later, he converted his music to MA-495 "Bonecuter" sound board.

For his rest of his works at Gottlieb, he used Digital Performer for the Macintosh.

At Midway Games, he continues using Digital Performer and converting his audio files to DCS Sound System.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-??-?? Curve Ball (ARC) Arranged "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".
1984-??-?? The Three Stooges in Brides is Brides (ARC) Arranged "Listen to the Mockingbird" and "Three Blind Mice".
1984-??-?? Us vs. Them (ARC)
1985-07-?? Bounty Hunter (PBL) Composer?
1987-10-?? Victory (PBL)
1988-02-?? Diamond Lady (PBL)
1988-03-?? TX-Sector (PBL)
1988-04-?? Robo-War (PBL)
1988-09-?? Excalibur (PBL)
1988-10-?? Bad Girls (PBL)
1989-02-?? Big House (PBL)
1989-08-?? Bone Busters Inc. (PBL)
1989-11-?? Night Moves (PBL)
1989-12-?? Lights… Camera… Action! (PBL)
1989-??-?? Caribbean Cruise (PBL)
1989-??-?? Exterminator (ARC) Arranged "Bumble Boogie".
1990-02-?? Silver Slugger (PBL)
1990-07-?? Vegas (PBL)
1990-09-?? Deadly Weapon (PBL)
1990-10-?? Title Fight (PBL)
1990-??-?? Exterminator (AMI) Original Music.
1990-??-?? Exterminator (AST) Original Music.
1991-01-?? Car Hop (PBL)
1991-02-?? Hoops (PBL)
1991-04-?? Cactus Jack's (PBL)
1991-08-?? Class of 1812 (PBL) Arranged Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture".
1991-11-?? Surf'n Safari (PBL) Arranged "Surfin' Safari".
1991-??-?? Exterminator (C64) Arranged by David Whittaker and John Dale.
1991-??-?? Exterminator (CPC) Arranged by David Whittaker.
1991-??-?? Exterminator (ZXS) Arranged by David Whittaker.
1992-02-?? Operation: Thunder (PBL)
1992-04-?? Super Mario Bros. (PBL) Arranged Koji Kondo's music.
1992-06-?? Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World (PBL) Arranged Koji Kondo's music.
1992-10-?? Cue Ball Wizard (PBL)
1993-03-?? Street Fighter II (PBL) Arranged Yoko Shimomura and Isao Abe's music.
1993-05-?? Tee'd Off (PBL)
1994-07-?? The Flintstones (PBL) Arranged "Meet the Flintstones" by Hoyt Curtin.
1995-03-?? Theatre of Magic (PBL)
1995-08-?? Johnny Mnemonic (PBL)
1995-10-?? Jack•Bot (PBL) Jack•Bot Voice.
1996-05-?? Tales of the Arabian Nights (PBL)
1996-09-?? Scared Stiff (PBL) With Paul Heitsch.
1997-03-?? Rampage World Tour (ARC) With Vince Pontarelli and Mike Colin.
1997-10-21 Rampage World Tour (PS1) Original Music with Vince Pontarelli and Mike Colin.
1997-10-?? Circus Voltaire (PBL) With Rob Berry.
1997-11-26 Rampage World Tour (SAT) Original Music with Vince Pontarelli and Mike Colin.
1997-??-?? Rampage World Tour (W32) Original Music with Vince Pontarelli and Mike Colin.
1998-03-30 Rampage World Tour (N64) Original Music with Vince Pontarelli and Mike Colin.
1998-12-15 Microsoft Pinball Arcade (W32) Original Music (Cue Ball Wizard).
1998-04-?? California Speed (ARC) With Kevin Quinn, Chris Granner, John Paul, Joe Lyford, Gunnar Madsen, Richard Carle, and Todd Modjesky.
1998-12-?? Rampage World Tour (GBC) Arranged by Matt Schneider or Frank Linseisen.
1999-??-?? Cruis'n Exotica (ARC) Valkyrie Arrangement.
2001-09-29 Williams Pinball Classics (W32) Original Music (Tales of the Arabian Nights).
Unreleased Screw Loose (ARC)
Unreleased Video Vince and the Game Factory (ARC) Arranged "The Blue Danube".
Unreleased Wiz Wars (ARC) Reused music from Screw Loose (ARC).

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