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Daniel Filner
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Aliases Dan Filner

Daniel Filner is an American video game developer. From 1988 to 1991, he attended the University of California Berkeley. Around the same time, he was working at Lucasfilm Games as a programmer for their various SCUMM-engine-based games such as Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, and Loom. He then moved on to Equilibrium where he worked as a programmer for the company's Game Boy titles. He also programmed the sound driver used in those games. In 1992, he had a brief stint with Spectrum Holobyte before moving on to Halestorm, where he continued to program games. In 1996, he started working at Digital Eclipse and programmed for several platforms, his work mostly involving him converting arcade games to the target platforms as part of the Midway Games and Atari Games collections. In 1999, Daniel moved on to 3d6 Games where he worked on the Game Boy Advance.

Since 2004, Daniel has been a freelance programmer, but over the passing years has also done some in-house programming work. He currently resides in Emeryville, California, working on both arcade and console emulation.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-06-?? Bo Jackson: Two Games in One (GB) Sound Driver
1991-??-?? The Flash (GB) Sound Driver
1992-??-?? Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (GB) (キラートマト) Sound Driver
1992-10-?? Swamp Thing (GB) Sound Driver
1993-10-?? Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball (GB) Sound Driver
1994-01-?? Riddick Rowe Boxing (GB) Sound Driver
1994-04-?? Sports Illustrated for Kids: The Ultimate Triple Dare (GB) Sound Driver
1994-11-?? Madden 95 (GB) Sound Driver
1995-10-?? Madden 96 (GB) Sound Driver
2000-11-13 Madden NFL 2001 (GBC) Sound Driver
2001-09-?? Madden NFL 2002 (GBC) Sound Driver
Unreleased Rap Quest: Starring Cool Q (GB) Sound Driver

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